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11 Nov 2022
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Want to buy a top quality herb grinder online?

The Best Grinder in SF

With a lot of hard work and precise engineering we finally released our first prototype grinder and Golden Gate Grinders was born.

People loved our grinder enough to make us the highest reviewed grinder on Amazon…but that wasn’t enough for us. Our desire for precision and quality drove us to continue to hone our product, so we redesigned the grinder again. And again. And five years later we’ve released a product that we believe is the peak of technical achievement. Not only does our grinder satisfy our customers but it also does so without emptying their wallet. The only problem we have now is that we can’t keep these things in stock!

That’s the thing about us here at Golden Gate Grinders—we are all about quality products for all of your herbal needs. All the way from the design process to manufacturing to becoming part of your daily arsenal of herbal tools, we never skimp when it comes to quality. This is true for all of our products; we never settle for anything less than the best and we NEVER stop improving our quality just because it’s “good enough.” Your feedback has helped us immensely and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

Our priority here at Golden Gate Grinders has always been customer satisfaction. Since day one our customers have been a huge driving force pushing us to continue to improve our Herb Grinders. We want to thank every one of you who has helped us work towards our goal of being the best Herb Grinder Company in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Check out Golden Gate Grinders Blog to keep up on latest specials and promotions and to learn more about the Best Herb Grinder Company on the web!

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