Weed Grinder For Sale

Weed grinder is a device used to break down cannabis flowers into smaller evenly sized pieces. The small fragments of cannabis flowers enables you to easily roll them into joints and blunts and also improve the smoking experience by burning evenly. Moreover, finer particles of cannabis improve the vaping experience as well. Grinder makes the process of breaking weed into smaller fragments very easy and swift.

Golden Gate Grinders offers the best Weed Grinder For Sale. The weed grinder has been designed and precision engineered to deliver the best grinding experience to the users. The design has undergone several improvements and continues to evolve as per the feedbacks received from the customers.

Major features of the weed grinder

Golden Gate’s 2.5” Smoke Crusher Tobacco Spice Grinder has a number of features which makes it a cut above the other kinds of weed grinders in the market. Each unit is a fine example of heavy duty craftsmanship and precision engineering,

The material used to construct the grinder is aircraft grade aluminium which assures high durability. Another unique feature is that only a single piece of aluminium is used to fabricate a single unit of the weed grinder.

The grinding process is carried out by the set of 26 sharp teeth. The teeth are diamond shaped and arranged in the correct manner to ensure efficient grinding. The sides of the lids are textured to provide a firm grip during the grinding process and prevent slippage. The grinding process is silent and very easy to perform.

The mesh filter has the correct hole size to filter out the residual vegetable matter only while retaining the spice particles in the pollen chamber. The mesh filter is held in place underneath the pollen chamber by a steel ring instead of a plastic ring to assure stability to the mesh filter.

Heavy duty neodymium magnets have been included in the grinder unit to ensure that the lid remains firmly closed. The seal formed by the lid preserves the freshness of the weed particles present in the grinder and blocks the odour from spreading around.

Ordering process

Golden Gate offers its Weed Grinder For Sale through its dedicated online store. You are simply required to add the grinder unit to your shopping cart, enter your name, shipping address and order details and make the payment through PayPal, Google Pay or Shop Pay. There are no shipping charges for orders within USA but a shipping fee of $25 is charged for orders outside USA.

Alternatively, the weed grinders can also be purchased from the online store eBay.


Robust construction, flawless grinding and high-end design are the hallmarks of the weed grinders by Golden Gate. High ratings received from the users also attest to the superior quality of the grinders.