Herb Grinders For Sale

Herb grinder is a cylindrical device having a lower and upper half. The interior part of the device bears a set of sharp teeth, a pollen chamber, a collection chamber and a kief catcher. The grinding process entails putting the nugs of the cannabis flower against the sharp teeth, closing the lid and turning the upper and lower halves of the grinder in opposite directions. The resulting fine particles of cannabis enhance the smoking or vaping experience.

Golden Gate Grinders offers the best quality Herb Grinders For sale in the market. Right from material and construction to grinding process and durability, the herb grinders by Golden Gate are replete with high-end features which makes them highly popular among weed lovers wanting to get more hit from the cannabis.

High quality material

The grinders are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminium. It is a special kind of aluminium which is resistant against corrosion and also withstands stress effectively. Thus, the herb grinders are highly durable and can tolerate even rough handling.

Light weight of aluminium makes it easy for the users to handle the grinders. Moreover, aluminium does not infuse toxicity into the herb particles. Grinders made of toxic metals such as zinc, pot metal and certain alloys pose a threat of poisoning the herbs.

Unique construction

The grinders by Golden Gate are characterised by one-piece construction. It means all the parts of a grinder unit such as lids, teeth and others are fashioned from a single block of aircraft-grade aluminium. Since the various parts are not combined together but make up a single unit, the grinder is indestructible.

CNC machines are used to create the different parts of a grinder from single pieces of aluminium.

Effective grinding

The teeth present in the grinder are shaped like a diamond. It has been proved by research that diamond shaped teeth are most suitable for grinding. The correct design and strategic positions of the teeth ensure that the herbs are grinded without ripping or shredding and evenly sized particles of herbs are obtained.

Perfect filtering

The mesh filter used in the grinder does not have randomly sized holes. The holes have been specially sized in microns to ensure proper filtering. As a result, the mesh filter efficiently filters out vegetable matter and retains the spice particles. The steel ring holding the mesh filter provides high stability.

No spillage

The collection chamber of the grinder has a deep location. Furthermore, the pollen chamber screws firmly to the collection chamber. Consequently, there is no chance of the herb particles spilling out of the grinder.

Strict quality control

Golden Gate’s Herb Grinders For Sale undergo rigorous quality control tests. Each and every grinder unit is subjected to quality control instead of random units.


Golden Gate ships its grinders all over USA and abroad. The grinders are delivered within 7-10 business days within USA while the shipping time is 2-3 weeks for orders outside USA.