Cannabis Grinder Kit California

High-end Cannabis Grinders in California 

Grinded cannabis improves the smoking or vaping experience. Cannabis grinders are used to process dry cannabis flowers into fine consistency particles for smoking, vaping, or use in recipes. A cannabis grinder kit is typically made of two halves that rotate in opposite directions to ground the cannabis flower contained within it. There is also a collection chamber to hold the fine particles of the weed. Other parts include a mesh filter to allow the vegetable matter or kief to fall through while blocking the weed particles and a kief catcher to collect the kief. 

Golden Gate Grinders is a leading manufacturer and seller of Cannabis Grinder Kit California. The weed grinders of this company are known for their precision engineering, highly efficient grinding, and robust construction. The design of the grinder has undergone several improvements and is constantly upgraded.

Product Description

Golden Gate markets its Cannabis Grinder Kit California as Smoke Crusher Aluminium Tobacco Spice Grinder. This is a 2.5 inch cannabis grinder kit made of a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminium, ensuring it is strong without being heavy. One-piece construction means that the parts do not get detached from each other, thereby ensuring high durability.

Ultra-sharp diamond-shaped teeth carry out the grinding. They are 26 in number and strategically placed to ensure highly efficient grinding. The biggest advantage of this grinder is that the cannabis and other weeds are finely ground without ripping or shredding. The sides of the lid have textured designs that help get a firm grip during the grinding process. A thin poly O ring reduces friction and makes the grinding process smooth.

The mesh filter used in the grinder has correctly sized holes to ensure that the kief is filtered out efficiently and the spice particles are retained with ease. The best hole size in microns has been determined after ample research. The stability of the mesh filter is assured by attaching it with the help of a steel ring instead of the plastic ring commonly used in low-quality grinders.

The weed grinder's collection chamber is located deep, ensuring that the weed particles do not spill out. The kief catcher or pollen is held in its position by screws, ensuring its stability. Heavy-duty neodymium magnets are used to firmly maintain the lid in an open or closed position.

How to purchase?

The high-quality grinders by Golden Gate can be purchased directly from this company through its official website. Simply add the grinder kit to your shopping cart, enter your shipping address, and make the payment through PayPal or Google Pay. Alternatively, the grinders can also be purchased from eBay.


Cheap and low-quality cannabis grinders do not function well and break easily. The cannabis grinders by Golden Gate are unbreakable and provide the best grinding experience. The rates are not exorbitant when compared to the quality of the product.