Buy Metal Grinder California

Best brand of herb grinder in California

A herb grinder or cannabis grinder is a device that is used to grind the cannabis flower into very small pieces. It is a circular box with two halves in which the cannabis flower is kept, and grinding is performed by twisting the two halves in opposite directions. A set of sharp teeth grind the cannabis flowers into fragments. Herb grinders come in metal, wood, and plastic variants. Small particles of cannabis are easier to smoke or vape using pipes, joints, or any other method.

Golden Gate is the best brand to select if you want to Buy Metal Grinder California. Golden Gate herb grinders are known for their superior features, design, and sturdy craftsmanship. The major features of the grinders by this brand have been mentioned here.

One piece construction

Golden Gate herb grinders are made of one piece of metal. This means each grinder kit is just one piece of metal without multiple sections attached. One-piece design ensures high durability because the parts cannot be detached.

The metal used is aircraft-grade aluminium which makes the grinders strong while keeping the weight to a minimum for easy handling. Metals with toxicity risks, such as Zinc, Pot metal, and certain alloys, are not used in the construction.

Precision engineering using CNC machines is used to construct the lid and other parts from one piece of metal only for each grinder.

Accurate filtering

A grinder's mesh filter collects the pollen or spice particles from the grinded mixture and allows the vegetable matter to fall through into the kief catcher. One of the hallmarks of Golden Gate Grinders is that the holes in the mesh filter are not sized randomly.

The mesh holes are correctly sized in microns to accurately filter out the waste matter and block the required pollen. The mesh filter is held underneath the collection chamber with the help of a steel ring which ensures much more stability than a plastic ring commonly used in most brands of grinders.

High efficiency grinding

The teeth to grind the herbs are diamond shaped and extremely sharp. The number of teeth on each grinder is 26, and they are placed strategically to enable highly efficient grinding. The sharp and well-designed teeth grind the herbs without ripping or shredding.

Other features

The collection chamber is deep to prevent spillage of the pollen. Powerful neodymium magnets keep the lid fixed in its position. Poly O ring is present to reduce friction and make the grinding process smoother.

Each grinder undergoes strict quality control and carries a lifetime warranty.


You can Buy Metal Grinder California of Golden Gate brand by visiting this company's official website and placing your order or through the e-commerce portal eBay.