Best Herb Grinder Kit

Best brand of herb grinder for weed lovers

Breaking down herbs such as cannabis flowers into finer particles increases the high obtained from smoking or vaping them using pipes, joints, blunts, and others. To this end, a herb grinder is required. The Herb grinder has two halves that must be rotated in opposite directions to grind the herbs. The set of sharp teeth of the grinder does the grinding. 

Golden Gate Grinders manufactures and sells the Best Herb Grinder Kit. The grinder kit by Golden Gate has been created using precision engineering, high-quality materials, and the best design. The design and features of the grinder kit have undergone many improvements and continue to evolve.

Material and Construction

Aluminum is unsafe only when it is used for cooking but not when used in grinders. This is because aluminum's melting and boiling points are 660 degrees Celsius and 2519 degrees Celsius, respectively, which the grinding process cannot reach. Aircraft-grade aluminum is used in constructing the grinder kit by Golden Gate. Aircraft grade means the grinder kit is very sturdy. The Golden Gate grinder kit never uses zinc, Pot Metal, or certain alloys that carry the toxicity risk.

One-piece construction is a major reason Golden Gate offers the Best Herb Grinder Kit. A single grinder kit is manufactured from a piece of aircraft grade aluminum. Unlike other grinder kits featuring various parts combined, the Golden Gate grinder kit parts are fabricated using CNC machines from one piece of aluminum only. As a result, there is no question of the detachment of the parts, thereby assuring high longevity.

Unique mesh filter

The mesh filter used in the Golden Gate grinder kit differs from conventional mesh filters. The holes present on the mesh filter are not sized randomly. A thorough research has determined the correct hole size in microns. Thus, the holes in the mesh filter of the grinder kit by Golden Gate are perfectly sized to filter out only the waste vegetable matter and block the high-grade pollen or spice particles.

Unlike plastic rings used in other grinder kits, the Golden Gate grinder kit has a steel ring to hold the mesh filter underneath the pollen chamber to impart high stability.

Best grinding experience

Golden Gate grinder kit features highly sharp diamond-shaped teeth. The diamond-shaped teeth easily grind all sizes of herbs without ripping or shredding. Consequently, the users get well-grinded fine particles of the herbs for smoking or vaping.

Effective quality control

Golden Gate does not randomly select grinder kit pieces for testing. Instead, every unit of the grinder kit undergoes quality control tests.


Golden Gate grinder kits are available for online ordering. The customer can expect the grinder kit to be delivered within 7-12 days from placing the order. Orders within the USA are shipped without extra charges. International orders attract a shipping charge of $25.