Best Grinder San Francisco

Seasoning your food with fresh herbs can add a lot of flavors. It is a lot better than using pre-ground spices. People often use handheld grinders for grinding coriander, chili, fennel seeds, or even rock salt. Many people also use grinders for tobacco or other similar herbs. The grinders can help here as freshly ground herbs or tobacco can be used with the rolling paper. If you are looking for the Best Grinder in San Francisco and are confused, then we are here to help.

Golden Gate Grinders offers the Best Grinders San Francisco and are also affordable. You can consider the options from the brand, and you will love the quality. In addition, these handheld grinders are small, so you can carry them discretely. They are also available in multiple colors, which is again a USP of these grinders. Before moving ahead, we would also like to mention that Golden Gate Grinders uses aircraft-grade aluminum and CNC cutting techniques to manufacture top-quality grinders for you. 

Easy to Maintain Grinders

Once you start using the grinder, please ensure that you take good care of it. To take care of the grinder, you can disinfect it regularly. The best chemical to disinfect the grinder is alcohol. You can use a cotton swap to clean around the sides, teeth, and other parts of the grinder. Alcohol helps a great deal in removing the residue and killing the germs. The resin from the herbs can also be loosened with the help of alcohol. If the resin is still sticking, then you can use a toothpick or a scrapping tool to remove the resin. Once done, you can rinse the grinder in warm water and dry it.

If you don't clean the grinder for a long time, then the grime and other stuff may stick on the grinder. It will lead to a build-up. To get rid of the grime, Golden Gate Grinders also recommends placing the grinder in the freezer and then banging the grinder against a hard surface to remove the grime. You might even have to use a scraping tool for the same. This is not the recommended method, but there is no other option to clean the build-up.

Warranty Policy

Golden Gate Grinders takes great pride in its products, and they manufacture grinders for a lifetime. If you ever have any issue with your grinder or think it is not working as expected, then you can reach out to Golden Gate Grinders and get a very proactive response. You can reach out to them through texts at 091 123 ELLA, or you can email them at Keep your order number ready for a quick resolution.