Amazon Story

To all our old and new customers. You may have tried to buy our Golden Gate Grinder on Amazon. We have sold the grinder on Amazon since 2013.

Last year Amazon removed all our listings and claimed we are selling ‘drug paraphernalia’. We spent the last year trying to understand what Amazon wants. We sent hundreds of emails to Amazon seller support, made change after change to our listings and wrote tons of appeals and were denied every time while we’d find paid ads by Amazon on Google for ‘weed grinders’ with links to hundreds of low cost grinders on Amazon catalog. But they repeatedly told us our grinders can not be sold since we are selling drug paraphernalia.

We now realize that Amazon is simply discriminating against our brand. There are thousands of Chinese made grinders for sale and a few USA based companies.

In 2021 we received an email from Vice President Dharmesh Mehta requesting we support Amazon against any federal regulation. We responded that since there is no transparency or real support for third party sellers we support government protection and oversite.

Two weeks later our listings were removed and our business and life destroyed. At this point it’s difficult not to describe Amazon as an evil company – petty, vindictive with no respect or concern for anyone except for their bottom line. They are unethical, manipulative and hypocrites. When I was studying for my undergrad degree and took Psych 101 I remember reading about ‘narcissistic sociopath’ personality types. Google it.

They made a big deal when they went public about their support of cannabis legalization. They spent over four million dollars lobbying for it. Because they treat their workers so badly, part of Bezos’ belief and credo. They have gone through much of their potential workforce. They need fresh meat all the time so they dropped drug testing to help full their warehouses with people who were previously rejected or terminated. They have absolutely ZERO social awareness or responsibility. It was a cynical play to get the workforce they need.

We contacted Jeff Bezos, Andy Jassy, Dharmesh Mehta, David Zapolsky but were ignored numerous times.

The story was covered by Seattle Times and by Leafly. Please click the two links below to read the articles.

Amazon still says no to drugs, and is booting marijuana businesses | The Seattle Times

Why is pro-legalization Amazon suddenly banning weed grinders? | Leafly

Our grinders are for sale on eBay. Please make sure you buy from us – seller goldengategrinders since there are many copies and fakes floating around.

If you want to contact the leaders of Amazon you can write an email and send to all of the address below:

If you are an influencer or have contacts with any media outlet – online or printed and would to help us by sharing our store that would be awesome.

We are working on our own ecommerce website and that should be online soon. We’re also working on adding a page with the comment we made to the Seattle Times article or you can click the ‘comments’ section under the Seattle Times article to read the comment by our founder and CEO Arnold Marcus.

Peace and Blessings.

What Our Customer Say?

I just received my grinder today and its visually beautiful to look at, the machining on this little gadget is on par with some of the machined aluminum parts on my race bike, fit and finish is amazing, now with that said it performs as it should, it takes my product and grinds it down to make it more usable and shall I say more smoke-able, the more you grind the finer it gets, so its up to the user to decide how much to grind, I’m actually thinking of picking one up for kitchen use because I’m amazed on how well it works…..a satisfied customer
This is a very well manufactured grinder and produces a perfectly ground herb. I was hesitant to buy a grinder made of aluminum, but I read what Dr. Andrew Weil had to say about anodized aluminum: “Anodization subjects the surface of aluminum pots and pans to a process that builds up the metal’s natural coating of oxide. This should yield a hard, nonreactive substance that forms a tough coating.” I still have some concerns about grinding and grinding and what that will do to the oxide coating, but overall, I think it’s safe. I would love to see one of these in stainless steel, but no one makes one!!!
I was looking for a replacement to an old handle-top grinder for some time. I have tried a bunch and kept having so many problems with pieces of metal flaking off here or there… not what you want in herbs and others simply rust for seemingly no reason. Thankfully, this grinder has had none of those problems at all. The piece is sturdy, grinds with ease and the middle chamber is large enough to hold a fair amount of ground product while the bottom chamber, under the screen is perfectly sized to keep a great little stash. This grinder is definitely worth your money. I have paid far more for less quality and more problems. Also, I didn’t see it mentioned in the description but a little scraper was included for the bottom chamber, making scraping and scooping a whole lot easier. Great little extra for an already great purchase.