4 Piece Grinder San Francisco

When buying an herb grinder or a cannabis grinder, you need to ensure that it is designed for a specific purpose. Buying low-quality grinders may not solve the problem as it impacts the quality of the crush. There are different types of grinder kits available in the market. If you are still not sure which type of cannabis grinder you should buy, then let us help you a bit. We recommend purchasing a four-piece grinder. One particular brand sells 4 Piece Grinders in San Francisco, and its products have gone viral over the last few months. This brand is called Golden Gate Grinders and delivers across the United States.

What are 4 Piece Grinders?

As the name suggests, the four-piece grinders are made of four different parts. They combine to make a single grinder. These parts can be separated for cleaning purposes. Let us now look at the four different pieces of grinders manufactured by Golden Gate Grinders.

  • Top Cap–This is the top cap and the rotating assembly. The top part is where you load the herbs before you grind. The top cap has powerful magnets that don't open easily. The top cap can ensure that there is no spillage or that the odor doesn't escape.
  • Diamond Cutting Teeth– The second piece of the grinder is the diamond-cutting teeth. These are very sharp, and they are also easy to clean. The part contains 26 supper sharp teeth. The grip on this part also helps you use the grinder with ease.
  • Mesh– The third part of the cannabis grinder is the mesh. This grinder comes with a fine mesh filter instead of having random-sized holders. The micron-size mesh filters out all the junk from the cannabis, and it only passes the fine consistent-sized grind in the collection container.
  • Collection Container– The fourth and last piece of the grinder is the collection container. This is where the grind is collected after the mesh filters it. You will never find any metal shavings or any junk in this container. 

Golden Gate Grinders

The grinders from Golden Gate Grinders are the highest-rated options available in the market right now. The brand uses aircraft-grade aluminum for the product. In addition, the material never rusts, and the quality is top-notch. The brand has integrated powerful magnets into the design, which ensures that your design works as intended during its life. Golden Gate Grinders also have excellent customer service. They offer you solutions when you reach out to them. However, we assure you that you will never face any quality issues or complaints with the grinders from this brand. The brand takes pride in the products it manufactures. This is also the reason why Golden Gate Grinders offer a lifetime warranty on their products.